Build your team of warriors in Warriors All-Stars

Posted on August 2, 2017

Koei Tecmo has released fresh details alongside an explosive new trailer for Warriors All-Stars, a soon to be released 1 v 1000 hack and slash featuring characters from titles such as Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and Dead or Alive to name a few.

Warriors All-Stars isn’t just a hack and slash game though. Outside of the extensive combat system there is an abundance of features players can engage with in an area called the Sanctuary. During battle players collect Hero Cards which allow you to access new skills and boost the abilities of the character they’re equipped to, these can be upgraded and exchanged at the Sanctuary.  A Practice Arena is also available in the Sanctuary for players who want to hone in on their combat skills and exchange hard earned gold for experience points.  Players can also work on clan member relations in a variety of areas including the Tavern, Inn, Refinery and Headquarters.

Backstories between players can be unlocked  as you develop bonds through interacting with your favourite characters.  Once players feel ready to get back to the action, they can visit the Headquarters to accept missions for their clan and plan their next battle!

Warriors All-Stars

Access to the following characters among many others will be available to players:

  • Yukimura Sanada, Mitsunari Ishida and Naotora Ii from the Samurai Warriors Shiki Clan
  • Ryu Hayabusa and Ayane from the Ninja Gaiden series
  • Hajime Arima and Darius from the Japanese romance adventure series Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time
  • William from Team NINJA’s latest title Nioh
  • Shiki, the son of the monarch from Warriors All-Stars

Warriors All-Stars is slated to release on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam on the 1st of September 2017. For more news and details on Warriors All-Stars you can head to the official site.