A twisted, deadly photographer snaps in The Evil Within 2

Posted on August 19, 2017

Just when you thought Ruvik was the only crazed being in the Evil Within, it turns out he was not the only ‘human monster’ STEM contained. The Evil Within 2’s most recent trailer has introduced a new antagonist by the name of Stephano Valentini, a homicidal photographer with a penchant for hacking off limbs. The trailer takes viewers on a trip back into the nightmarish world of STEM, a creation of the Mobius Corporations, meant to unite all minds into one. What happens, however, when the minds you unite are damaged, sadistic, and revel in the pain of others?

The trailer leads viewers down Valentini’s twisted tale of self-discovery, in which after the loss of his own eye he was gifted with new vision. From that moment on his view of beauty became something you’d find in a Jack the Ripper crime scene photo. Only able to derive beauty out of death and its finality, Valentini went on a killing spree, decapitating the heads of girls, capturing the events with his camera. Calling those who abhorred his work “neophytes, philistines, and fools”, he became frustrated as he believed they feared what they could not comprehend.

In STEM however, what he sees “is a world of beauty, full of pure creation that is limited only by his imagination”. Like Ruvik, Valentini has created a world of horrific images and nightmare inducing creatures, but is always looking for his next masterpiece. It would appear that he has his eyes on a new ‘muse’, calling her the key and his path to power. Her body is the brush, her blood is the paint, and the world of STEM is his canvas, Valentini is hell bent on finding her.

It’s unclear at this moment if the young girl that Valentini hunts in indeed Sebastian’s missing daughter Lily, or just another random test subject of Mobius. However, from what has been announced over the past few months it’s likely to be the case as the story will focus on Sebastian’s search for her within STEM. The Evil Within 2 is set for a worldwide release date of Friday the 13th, October, 2018 (you really can’t choose a better date), and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.