Darkestville Castle is a new hilarious point and click adventure

Posted on September 11, 2017

Darkestville Castle is set to breathe new life into the point and click adventure game genre.  This is a hilarious new indie point and click adventure game from Argentinean development studio EPIC LLama and Russian publisher Buka Entertainment.

In what looks to be a combination of a Tim Burton story with humour reminiscent of Deadpool or Adventure Time, Darkestville Castle is a demonic comedy adventure game in the same vein as classics such as Day of the Tentacle.

Darkesville Castle screenshot

You control the fate of Cid, the demon of Darkestville, whose job is to terrorise the peaceful residents of this town.  However, Cid’s life is turned upside down by his arch-nemesis Dan Teapot and his hired demon hunters, the Romero Brothers.

Darkestville Castle continues the strong tradition of great point and click adventure games.  Although it has a dark comedic twist, it is designed to be enjoyed by players of all ages.  This game relies more on wit and humour than violence and horror.

Darkestville Castle screenshot

Darkestville Castle has already received acclaim, winning the “Best Narrative 2016” award at the Casual Connect Conference, alone making this a game worth checking out.

Your wait to play this game is not long, as it is due for release on September 21st on Steam.  To temp you with Cid’s demonic ways, you can check out the demo of the game on their Steam website.  Check out the trailer below for your first introduction to Cid, and to start your next classic point and click adventure.