Dead Rising 4 is listening to its players

Posted on September 30, 2017

In December Capcom is set to finally release Dead Rising 4 on PlayStation 4, with all the previous content and new updates included. There is also one big change coming to the PS4 version exclusively.

Capcom Vancouver is also working on brand-new content and improvements to the game experience as a part of a new initiative for Dead Rising 4. Based on player feedback, the human enemies in the game (maniacs) are going to be made to “feel more meaningful and rewarding”.

“Maniacs will have new weapons that suit their character and Frank’s reward for defeating a Maniac will be wielding the new weapon. The AI that drives the Maniacs is also being improved to provide players with an even greater challenge.”

“Some of the Maniacs will also have new Maniac Minions who will attack Frank, making these fights more difficult. Human enemy AI is being improved for all types, making them better at using cover, blocking attacks with shields, and countering players who might rely on a single attack.”

Dead Rising 4 Maniac

New side missions called Distress Calls are also being added to the game in an effort to grow the game in a more rewarding way:

“During Frank’s time in Willamette, he will have the opportunity to answer these Distress Calls and aid a survivor in a newly scripted mission, carrying out a quest for the survivor. Once he’s accomplished the assigned task, Frank will have to protect the survivor from the zombie hordes as they make their way to a safe location.”

“Each of these six all-new Distress Call missions will give players a unique variation on one of Frank’s outfits as a reward.”

Other updates include improving controller responsiveness, fast attack speeds, faster zombie horde awareness, more aggressive pursuit, rebalanced weapon distribution, improved zombie AI, mission tuning and more.

The update will arrive on December 5th, the same day as Dead Rising 4: Frank’s big Package releases on PS4.