Destiny 2 Faction Rally is coming soon

Posted on September 24, 2017

It appears that faction weapons have slowly begun to creep into Destiny 2 as the series prepares for the return of Factions. Players have begun to report sightings of Destiny 1 faction emblems appearing in their rewards as well as in-game mentions of the formerly known factions appearing in random conversations around The Last City.

Factions in Destiny 1 allowed players to obtain faction specific equipment as they turned in materials to level up their alignment. A similar system was recently revealed by Bungie called Faction Rally, confirming that factions would be a part of the Destiny 2 world. Beginning on September 26th, Destiny 2 players can visit Arch Jalaal (Dead Orbit), Lakshmi-2 (Future War Cult) or Executor Hideo (New Monarch) to align with their faction to begin the rally. However, it’s not totally clear on how the rally will be run.  It’s believed that players will be set tasks to complete to obtain Faction tokens to turn into their faction of choice in place of rewards.  The rewards may potentially include  faction specific weapons, armour and maybe even ships and vehicles, although these details are yet to be confirmed.

Destiny Factions

Furthermore, each faction will have a specific attainable weapon. Dead Orbit will have a Scout Rifle, FWC will have a Pulse Rifle, and New Monarchy will have a side arm, which can be obtained at the end of the event.  Whichever faction collects the most reward packages will have their weapon available to all players. Players who are aligned with the winning faction will be able to purchase it for far cheaper than players that are not.  The winning faction will be named at the end of the event on the 3rd of October.

It’s not yet clear if the announcement will be made in game or through the Destiny 2 app and Bungie website.