The female Team Fortress 2 cast you never knew you needed

Posted on September 25, 2017

Back in the good ol’ days, in the far off time of 2009, a full-time artist at Valve put forward an internal pitch for female versions of the iconic Team Fortress 2 cast. A cast that’s entirely male. Obviously those concepts unfortunately were never accepted and put into the game. Now artists Drew Wolf has released the concept art he created for the characters onto his website so that we can see what we have been missing out on.

Female cast of Team Fortress 2 1

Drew was tasked with creating the visual design, story and character development for these new characters, highlighting “with the exception of their class function, It was important that each design presented an entirely new character.”

The concepts look absolutely incredible and I’m so disappointed the project was never picked up and implemented. The previews that we’ve received give us a real idea that these could have been excellent additions to the Team Fortress 2 cast and be able to hold their own as fully realised characters and not simply skins of their male counterparts

Be sure to take a look over at to see the rest.

I would have loved to see these come to fruition, but I guess Valve has more important things to do with Team Fortress 2, like build a dozen more hats.