Final Fantasy IX released on PS4

Posted on September 20, 2017

In a mildly surprising announcement made at Tokyo Game Show,  the PS4 release of Final Fantasy IX was unveiled and made available same day! As if I don’t already have a big enough RPG back catalogue to play on my PS4, Square Enix felt it necessary to add to my load! E

asily one of my top three favourite Final Fantasy’s of the games 30 year roster, I can’t wait to grab a hold of this gem.

A swan song for the PlayStation before the PS2 arrived, Final Fantasy IX was originally not meant to be a roman numeral release, but its story, charm and homage to games past deemed it worthy of the number IX. For those unfamiliar of the story, it follows the tale of Zidane a young thief masquerading under the cover of Tantalus the travelling theatre group.

He and his crew infiltrate the city of Alexandria with the intent to kidnap princess Garnet til Alexandros. The princess, however, has plans of her own after growing concerns around her mothers’ increasingly erratic behaviour. It’s from here that one of Final Fantasy’s best story’s to date, is told.

Available now for purchase on the PS4, Final Fantasy IX is certainly a game worth taking the time to play if you’ve never had the opportunity to before. It comes with enhanced HD cutscenes, trophy achievement support, a PS4 theme and icons, plus boosters to help fast track weapon level growth.

It’s only downside is the additional charge, which if you’re like me, is a bummer since I’ve purchased this game already on the PS Vita years ago. I sometime wish Sony  would support multi-platform save ports and downloads – but that’s a complaint for another time.

If you consider yourself an RPG connoisseur and want to experience one of Square Enix and PlayStation’s best retro games, Final Fantasy IX is one game you cannot pass up. Grab it now on the PlayStation Store, and explore the world of Gaia with Zidane, Vivi, and Garnet; you won’t regret it!