Let’s PARTY! Jackbox Party Pack 4 game lineup revealed

Posted on September 1, 2017

The full line up of 5 games for the Jackbox Party Pack 4 has been announced. The newest instalment in the party game franchise brings with it the return of Fibbage as well as 4 brand new experiences. Check them out below!

jackbox first game in party pack

Fibbage 3 – Fibbage, the game where you try to convince your friends a lie is the truth, is back and it’s got a new game mode! Fibbage: Enough About You is a game mode where you get to personally question your friends and learn possibly scarring, unforgettable facts about them.

It’s for 2-8 players, so get ready to lie to your friends for a 3rd time!

jackbox second game 'survive the internet'

Survive the Internet is a game that is possibly too real. In Survive the internet you have to twist your friends’ words and take them out of context. Then, just like in real life, you vote to see who looks the silliest.  This one is for 3-8 players, so get ready to #bless your friends.

jackbox party pack 4

Monster Seeking Monster is a monster dating game. I’m not even going to hide it, this is 100% my thing. You secretly send each other messages trying to set up or betray dates with others. But you’re all also secretly monsters, with cool powers. It’s for  3-7 players, so get ready to date your friends.

Jackbox 3rd game in party pack

Civic Doodle is a game about making your city beautiful, by drawing on it! Two players draw at once on a base image and then people vote for which mural is better. The winners’ drawing becomes the next base image, so it’s gonna get silly real fast. This one is for 3-8 as well.

final Jackbox game from party pack 4

Bracketeering is a game about having very strong opinions on things. You answer with your opinion on weirdly silly things, and then vote on who’s answer is the best, in an elimination tournament type system. Fight with your friends on things that you all have very weirdly strong opinions on, and bring it out for a huge party game! This one is big, allowing 3-16 players at any given time.

No specific release date has been specified yet, although we can expect it out by spring this year (or Fall for those in the Northern Hemisphere).
Check it all out on their website here!