Mario Odyssey Switch bundle lets you play Mario in style

Posted on September 14, 2017

Keen for Super Mario Odyssey but don’t own a Switch yet? Consider waiting for the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle! It’ll releases alongside Super Mario Odyssey later this year, so the wait isn’t too long.

Announced today during the Nintendo Direct Stream, The Switch bundle will include:

  • The full game download key
  • A Standard Switch  system
  • A Mario themed carry case
  • red Joy controllers

Odyssey Bundle

Look at those Controllers! Snazzy.  The case is suitably map themed as well, since this is such an open world game. These bundles are selling for $379.99, though it’s unsure how that will translate for Australian games prices.

During the steam Yoshiaki Koizumi announced a fair few new things about the game as well;

  • Snapshot mode which is kinda like really intense Mario Selfies
  • More story details about Mario and his sentient hat
  • More maps
  • Minigames! (woo)
  • New Super Mario Odyssey themed Amiibos (not included in the bundle)

Odyssey Amiibos

Plus, you can throw your hat for a dog to fetch. And the dog is wearing a hat too.

Odyssey screenshot

Excuse me? Take my money please.

The new Switch Bundle will drop at the same time as the game, so get ready for October 27th this year to grab yourself a fancy Switch! Keep up with the latest details on the offical Nintendo page.

Watch the Nintendo Direct announcement of the Super Mario Odyssey bundle here: