Minecraft used for another bleeding good cause

Posted on September 5, 2017

Hemocraft is a new modded version of Minecraft that’s helping young haemophilia patients by teaching them to monitor their condition and teaching them to self-medicate if required.

Haemophilia is a genetic disorder that does not allow a body to make blood clots properly. There are over 2,700 people living with haemophilia in Australia, with the majority being male, and is inherited in two thirds of cases.  While there is no cure for haemophilia, the majority of people with this condition can live relatively normal lives with proper treatment.  A big part of this is monitoring blood clotting factor levels.

Hemocraft creatures

And this is where Hemocraft can help.

Pfizer Rare Disease developed Hemocraft in collaboration with the Entrepreneurial Game Studio at Drexel University for patients aged 8 to 16 to play.  Players also wear a wristband which records daily activity levels and heart rate, and can record their bleeds and infusions, monitor their factor supply, and schedule appointments using an associated app.

In Hemocraft, players are on a quest to slay the Ender Dragon.  But to prepare for this quest, players need to ensure they are prepared for adventure by carrying out various steps in haemophilia treatment, such as crafting components of an infusion kit and monitoring their own condition, self-infusing if necessary. Players can then share their game strategy and their own stories about managing this condition.

Hemocraft screenshot

“We are excited to see fun and educational tools that help people with a bleeding disorder, but equally as important, their friends and family to better understand the concept of factor levels in being able to stay active, and stay in the game,” said Kate Nammacher (senior director of education, National Hemophilia Foundation).

Hemocraft and the HemMobile Striiv Wearable wristband were launched during the recent National Hemophilia Foundation’s 69th Annual Meeting in Chicago USA, and Hemocraft is available for download via HEMOCRAFTQuest.com.