Neko Atsume lets you collect cats in PSVR

Posted on September 22, 2017

Those following Sony Japan’s Playstation Twitter (me, unsurprisingly) may have gotten a delightful announcement in between all of the AAA game news at Tokyo Game Show. Neko Atsume, The cat collecting simulator, was announced to be coming to PlayStation VR.

Neko Atsume cats surrounding Tubbs the rare cat

Neko Atsume, for those who don’t know, is the iOS and Android game that got so wildly popular that it got a live action movie. No seriously, this game has a movie:

It was announced via Twitter, so all we have to go on is a logo, and that it’s out 2018. There doesn’t seem to be any information about a western localisation either, but that didn’t stop us playing the original Japanese version in 2014 before the English localisation came out.

So what does this mean? Do we get to pat the cats in VR? place down the toys ourselves? Am I going to get to fulfil long held wishes of rubbing Tubb’s belly? Sony! I need to know! We’re up to 62 cats, are we going to able to pat them in VR?

In all likelihood, the PlayStation version will be similar in style to the app. My guess is it’s just more interactive and you get to see the cats. Either way, looks like we’re waiting till next year to find out.