Sega silent disco soiree?

Posted on September 22, 2017

REZtron have announced that their next annual Sega Silent Disco Soiree is going to happen October 7th in London. Lucky guests will be transported all the way back to the golden era of video games. With all generations of Sega consoles represented. All mixed with a night of drinks, masquerade and silent disco. Enticing!

Featuring a range of classic games displayed on CRT Televisions (as well they should be) and a number of sideshows. Including a Sonic Speed Run competition, cosplay and a Mega Drive up for grabs. Makes me think we need something like this in Melbourne.

sega silent disco

REZtron is a pop up retro gaming sky bar. Unfortunately London based, which leaves us Melbournians somewhat out in the cold this time. But for our UK readers take note, the Chelsea Harbour Hotel is where you will want to be on October 7th. Hopefully a bright cookie will bring an event like this to a night spot near us in the future.

8-16-32-128 bit retrotainment anyone?