It’s sink or swim in gaming’s next big survival title – Raft

Posted on September 10, 2017

If you’ve already heard of Axolot Games’ survival adventure game Raft, I’m not surprised. It’s already hit 5 million downloads on its free demo on itchi.o! It’s also wildly popular with Let’s Players and Youtubers. And now it’s finally coming to Steam on Early Access!

In Raft, you and your friends are thrown into the cruel unforgiving ocean, with only a hook made of old pieces of plastic, a plank of wood to float on, and your wits. Gather resources, expand your raft, explore the open ocean and stay alive!

Involved in the development of this game, Axolot Games partnered with Redbeet Interactive. In an incredibly sweet press release on the partnership, Kacper Antonius, CEO of Axolot Games had this to say:

“When we met Redbeet Interactive and heard what they wanted to do with Raft we were really impressed with their future vision for the game. The love and dedication Redbeet have for Raft is really inspiring. Since we are both passionate about making survival games with building mechanics, we knew that we would be great partners.”

André Bengtsson, founder of Redbeet Interactive, also had this incredibly sweet to say about Axolot Games :

“The response to the Raft alpha has been simply incredible and so we knew we needed to find the right partner to help live up to those expectations. When Axolot Games reached out to us and offered to help, we knew that its experience could help shape Raft into the game we wanted it to be. It’s a great match for us and now we can focus entirely on turning Raft into an even more special experience.”

A partnernship made in heaven, honestly.

raft screenshot

The demo is still free on Itchi.o here, or you can head to the Steam page to wishlist it. It’ll be available on Early Access in 2018.

Watch the trailer here: