Won’t somebody please… Think of the Children!

Posted on September 13, 2017

The ongoing trend of voxel-based graphics continues with a new game, Think of the Children, from developer Jammed Up Sudios and Melbourne based publishing label Surprise Attack Games.

Little Bobby’s dead, the BBQ is on fire, Jen’s eating poisonous berries and the birthday cake still needs icing. It’s just another wonderful day out with the kids. Think of the Children is a PC game focused around chaotic parenting and seriously hilarious child neglect (not that child neglect is traditionally funny, of course).

You’ll be hauled before the court for your bad parenting and child endangerment with the prosecution presenting a series of events as evidence which will either condemn or exonerate you: a birthday party at the park, a day at the zoo, a camping trip, an unexpected trip to the Australian Outback and more. Each location is far more dangerous than they sound (well except for the Australian Outback perhaps, that’s already well known to be pretty dangerous) and filled with hazards. Play through each of the events in a series of flashbacks to prove your innocence and that your parenting skills can cut the mustard to avoid going to jail.

Think of the Children even gives the struggling parent some support, offering you the ability to play as a single parent or team up with other parents to play locally or online.

Whilst Think of the Children isn’t due out until late 2017 we have some good news. If you think your parenting skills are upto par and you’d like to test them out then a public beta will be happening on the 18th of September and will run until October 2nd.

The beta will include the first 3 levels of the game in Quick Play mode (which means no story mode sadly) however players will be able to customise their parents and children and the levels can be played by 1-4 players via local co-op for those parents not wanting to go it solo. If you’d like to sign up for the beta head on over to the Think of the Children site to secure a batch of four keys for you and your friends!