60 Parsecs! the follow up to surprise hit 60 Seconds! announced for 2018

Posted on October 9, 2017

You know what the Cold War didn’t have enough of? Space.

After the surprise success of apocalyptic comedy adventure game, 60 Seconds!, Robot Gentleman are returning with their followup, 60 Parsecs! It’s dark comedy, space travel, and an atomic space age adventure.

You’ll be playing as the captain, trying to keep your crew alive, alert, and not alarmed as you travel through space.

60 Parsecs! screenshot

There’s a whole new crafting system planned, as well as space travel (obviously), a non-linear story and hundreds of story based events with interesting new characters. They’ve also overhauled some mechanics, so it’s looking to be pretty well tuned!

60 Parsecs! screenshot 2

The crew are looking a little worse for wear, but that’s what happens when you only have 60 seconds to scavenge.

Keep an eye on 60 Parasecs! on the Steam. No confirmed date as of yet, but we do know it’s due to release sometime in 2018 for both PC and major consoles. Keep up to date with it on the offical website!

Watch the reveal trailer for 60 Parsecs!: