Chances are you bought a Nintendo console in 2017

Posted on October 22, 2017

In September, the Nintendo Switch was once again the top selling console in the USA, three months on the trot. Not to mention of the past seven months (roughly since release) it has come out on top for five of those.

According to the NPD group, which tracks video game sales in the USA the Switch has sold in excess of two million consoles in the USA so far. This is all without going through its first holiday season.

When you combine the sales of the Nintendo family of consoles, being Switch, 3DS and recently released Super NES Classic. Nintendo hardware accounts for two-thirds of the September total for hardware sales. All of this before Super Mario Odyssey ships in only a few days time.

Nintendo consoles on top

Nintendo also plan to finish the year strong; clearly Super Mario Odyssey will be a success and a huge seller. Aside from that, the end of year schedule includes DOOM and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from Bethesda in November. December brings the release of highly anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which will take Nintendo through the holiday season.

Considering the ill fated Wii U was somewhat of a disappointment on the sales front, the big N must be over the moon with the way 2017 has turned out. With the NES Classic due to return next year, 2018 is shaping up to be another year of success for Nintendo.

Although these figures are USA based, I would imagine the results are much the same down under. Which did you buy this year?