Beautiful dragon soaring Oure gets announced and immediately released

Posted on October 31, 2017

Sony’s Paris Games Week revealed a lot of exciting details about upcoming PlayStation games. One of the biggest surprises was the announcement and then immediate release of a gorgeous indie game by the name of Oure.

“Take flight in a dream-like cloudscape as you seek to reawaken the relics of a lost civilisation. As a unique child born with the powers of the ancient dragons, your parents cast you from the stricken surface into the land above the skies.”

Oure allows you to take on two forms, that of your base human child and that of dragon. Between your forms you will traverse the magical cloudscape, solve puzzles and hunt down the lost relics. The game is clearly gorgeous and without any combat it looks to be emulating a Journey style game. Which I’m totally down for.

Oure is currently available on the PlayStation store but is also coming to Steam mid November.

Soaring through the cloudscape in Oure