Upcoming game Drone Swarm to be made into TV series and graphic novel

Posted on October 9, 2017

Drone Swarm is an upcoming PC title from stillalive studios with no set release date, but plans are already underway to develop this game into a TV series and graphic novel.

Drone Swarm is a story-based real-time sci-fi strategy game set in a world where Earth was almost destroyed by an invading alien force.  Humans on the brink of extinction found a way of utilising the drone alien technology and the game involves controlling thousands of drones to help you explore the galaxy and find a new home.

Drone Swarm ship

Alongside remote control productions (RCP) and Michael Bay’s 451 Media Group, stillalive studios intend to develop Drone Swarm as a TV series aimed for broadcast or streaming services. As well as adapt it into a graphic novel.

“We are super excited to partner with the 451 team as we were looking for exactly their kind of passion and great talent to collaboratively expand the universe of Drone Swarm beyond the videogame” said Julian Mautner (founder and CEO, stillalive studios).

Drone Swarm screenshot

“This is an incredible opportunity that allows RCP and 451 to creatively join forces during a key phase of the game’s early development that will allow us to expand and deepen the game’s storyline as a standalone long form series,” said Doug Nunes (CEO, 451).  “Working with the level of premium writers and artists that 451 is known for together with RCP and stillalive’s team of top notch developers gives us an extraordinary opportunity to leverage their incredible skillset, visuals and gameplay and dovetail it into a dramatic sci-fi adventure series that will re-define the genre.”

Drone Swarm battle scene

Although little is known about the storylines for the TV show and graphic novel, preliminary screenshots and trailers for Drone Swarm indicate this is a novel space strategy game with the potential for intense real-time battles with the ability to upgrade and infer special skills to armies of drones.  Check out the preview trailer below: