The minis keep coming, Commodore 64 mini due in 2018

Posted on October 3, 2017

Following the trend of mini console re-releases, such as the wildly popular NES and SNES minis, Retro Games Limited has revealed it is releasing a miniature version of the Commodore 64 in 2018. Like the recent SNES mini, the C64 mini is a micro version of the 80’s console pre-loaded with a library of games for plug-and-play entertainment.

Palm size retro fun with the Commodore 64

The console features HDMI output, two USB ports, supports save states, and you can also plug a keyboard into the system and use it as a home computer if you feel so inclined. The Commodore 64 will run BASIC, which will allow  you to write and save your own programs and games without the need for a disk or cassette drive. As well as the mini, Retro Games Limited have announced that the full size version of the Commodore 64 will also release sometime in 2018.

Chip's Challenge on the Commodore 64

A full list of games included in the C64 Mini can be found on the company’s website here, including classics such as Chip’s Challenge, Impossible Mission, and California Games.