Nintendo have announced Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for your smartphone

Posted on October 25, 2017

Nintendo have just made the dreams of many happy villagers come true in a recent Nintendo Direct with the announcement of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for smartphones, due for full release on iOS and Android in late November. However it is already available to download on the Google Play store here in Australia!

Whilst this isn’t the Animal Crossing news everyone was hoping for (when will we see this title on the Switch!?), fans will be happy to know that the mobile version of Animal Crossing looks much like the other games in the series and at this stage appears to play along the same lines as well. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp sees your character moving to a new location, interacting with the other in game characters and customising your home, which this time just so happens to be a cute little camper van.

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players will be able to manage their own campsite where they will be able to then continue to build up, decorate and personalise both their character and their campsite with a variety of buildings and furniture. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, Pocket Camp furniture will be crafted. This system works by visiting nearby “recreation sites,” and doing favours for the in game characters to collect rewards. The player will then head over to Cyrus the alpaca blacksmith along with their new crafting materials to create furniture. It all sounds pretty basic mobile farming sim really.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp crafting

A nifty multiplayer feature will allow you to meet up with your friends to trade furniture and other items. Each player will have an ID number making it easy to look up your global friends and you’ll even be able to give your friends kudos if you think their campsite is looking great!

Pre-registration for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is open now so head on over and sign up to stay informed of when the game will be released. I know I personally have already signed up and can’t wait to get playing.