Overwatch Halloween event returning next week

Posted on October 6, 2017

The annual Halloween event for Blizzard’s Overwatch is set to hit the servers on October 10th and will continue until November 2nd.  Blizzard has released a teaser trailer for the new event, the return Dr Junkenstein, as well as new seasonal skins!

This event sees the return of Dr Junkenstein, which will probably mean all previous Halloween skins will be unlockable once again during the event period.  Some new skins have been teased as well, including McCree and Reaper strutting their spooky new looks.  These new skins could be a clue to what the Halloween Terror event will bring about this year. Either way this event won’t be around for long so make sure to get in quick if you want to unlock all the event items before time is up.

Dr Junkenstien in the Halloween event

Blizzard is great at giving us reasons to pour money into Overwatch every season and no doubt this event will be no different.