PAX Aus 2017 Schedule is live! Plan accordingly!

Posted on October 6, 2017

Attendees rejoice, the Penny Arcade Expo Australia 2017 panel schedule is now available! PAX Aus, as it’s more widely known, is just under a month away for it’s fifth year in the land down under. Each year PAX brings with it a bevy of game developers, big name publishers, competitive and community events as well as a host of panels for topics across both digital and table top gaming.

PAX Aus has a history of giving a platform for both light-hearted panels but also some pretty important topics. In an industry rife with some fairly problematic moments, my first PAX Aus was genuinely surprising when I saw a a collection of LGBTIQA+ panels, as well as both gender and racial diversity topics in positive lights. What’s made even better is that each year they aren’t put on competing time slots, so you’re never left choosing which panel to go to over another.


I can’t deny that I was left a little emotional when I went to my first panel at PAX that was about Sexuality in Gaming expecting to see a handful of people, only to discover as the talk started that the room was full and more seats needed to be grabbed from elsewhere. The broader gamer community isn’t perfect but PAX Aus certainly brings a much more progressive crowd than I think an outside eye would expect.

Returning will obviously be the popular Omegathon and some wicked Speed Runs. All I can say is have a look at the schedule now and start planning; it’s pretty important to your enjoyment to go to things you would normally ignore — PAX Aus is a great chance to experience new things because everyone wants to welcome you in.

Most importantly though be sure to check out our very own Luke and Rachel on their Changing the Narrative: Representation in Gaming panel, where they tackle the topic of why representation for everyone is so important in modern gaming and what we can do to progress that story.

PAX Aus is on October 27th to the 29th and plenty of tickets are still available on their website.