Robot Stormtrooper is heading to Australia soon

Posted on October 10, 2017

With Star Wars Battlefront II and a The Last Jedi just on the horizon, it’s a very good time to be a Star Wars fan. Oh, and there’s also a Stormtrooper robot heading our way.

We’ve had the BB-8 Robot. We’ve had the R2-D2 robot. But now, it’s time for the latest in robot technology from UBTECH.  They’ve announce their latest in robot tech, a Star Wars Stormtrooper Robot.

Yes, we’re getting an adorable little Stormtrooper robot! He can be yours to cuddle (though he might miss) and to shout instructions at!  So get ready all you Star Wars fans, cause this little guy is heading to Australia soon.

Stormtrooper robot

Your little stormtrooper friend will come with:

  • First Person and Third Person AR App modes: Your little buddy will interact with the coupled app for fun games.
  • Facial recognition: They can see and recognise you!
  • Voice commands: Ready to feel like Darth Vader? Issue some commands!
  • Sentry Patrolling: Cat trying to get on the bench? Someone trying to enter your room? Your little buddy can patrol a designated area and recognise and deal with ‘intruders’.
  • Connect via secured WiFi on an encrypted platform: He’s encrypted so no data or personal information is saved to the robot or the companion app.

Stormtrooper robot

James Chow the CEO of UBTECH had this to say: “We are thrilled to launch the Star Wars Stormtrooper Robot by UBTECH. Both Star Wars and UBTECH put a great focus on innovation and family-friendly technology. Together, we are delivering a new and interactive experience for Star Wars fans.”

The robot will be arriving at select Australian retailers including big electronic and video game outlets, and are available for pre-order already.

Check  it out further on their offical website!