It is sharks versus the sunbathing undead in Shark Pool

Posted on October 30, 2017

Shark Pool is a already a hilariously weird sounding mobile title, but is now receiving an original Halloween theme to celebrate its launch on iOS and Android.

As the Great White named Shark Zuckerberg, you send out waves of sharks to destroy your biggest threat: sunbathers.  Now the undead and monsters want a bit of the sunbathing action for Halloween.

Shark Pool screenshots

In Shark Pool, you launch lines of sharks who bounce and multiply off walls until they go out of bounds.  You need to aim this barrage to destroy the rafts and their sunbathers.  The game offers different pool themes and looks to be both a cute and frantic game.

Now while a game that promotes the thought of sharks being killers and to be feared is not really going to help the cause to protect these beautiful creatures, maybe we need to allow Shark Zuckerberg a bit of revenge.  At least against the zombies.

Check out the trailer below  and prepare yourself to destroy some annoying sunbathers.