Steven Universe: Save The Light release date announced

Posted on October 14, 2017

If I wasn’t fan-girling before the announcement of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe: Save the Light, I certainly am now that a release date has been dropped! In what can described as an unexpected treat, it would appear that the upcoming RPG is to be released earlier than what fans had anticipated. Its release date will vary depending on the console, but will be available from either October 31st for the PS4 or November 3rd for the Xbox One.

Developed by Grumpyface Studios Save the Light will be a 2D role-playing game that takes on a more classic form of the genre, using a turn-based battle system. When attacking your enemies players will be able to maximise damage by hitting a button at the right moment. Players will also be able to customise their character’s stat growth by leveling up and using the points gained to assign to either attack, defense, luck or teamwork.

The story of Steven Universe: Save the Light focuses on the Crystal Gems as they attempt to regain the Light Prism which has been stolen. They will explore several areas including Beach City, Bismuth’s Forge, the Great North, and Strawberry Battlefields and complete specific tasks along the way. There will be additional playable characters to choose from in Save the Light including Greg Universe, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, and Connie. Not only that but players will be able to fuse certain crystal gems to create such iconic characters like Stevonnie, Smokey Quartz, and Opal to name a few.

Having played, and enjoyed, the first game Attack the Light, I am super excited to jump back into the Steven Universe… universe. It will certainly ease the fact that we’ve been waiting ages for the 5th season to start back up again after going on an extended break with no official release date on its return. Save the Light will certainly make for a fun and entertaining distraction, which is sure to please all fans of the series.