Stranger Things official mobile video game out now

Posted on October 5, 2017

Stranger Things provides the perfect foundation for a video game. Adventure, suspense, thrills, paranormal elements… it’s basically begging to be made into an interactive experience. Developed by indie game developer BonusXP, Stranger Things: The Game was stealth released sometime overnight and people are just starting to get  their hands on it… and the verdict is good!

Hints of old school Zelda can definitely be seen here, with a coat of Stranger Things paint. You play as different characters from the show, each with their own special abilities allowing you to solve puzzles and progress.  Lucas has long firing range with his Wrist Rocket, and Nancy can swing baseball bats with class. Collect items, complete a VHS library, unlock secret characters, and explore the Upside Down to your hearts content in the lead up to the much anticipated season 2 of Stranger Things. The season 2 premiere will also coincide with a game update, so expect new content then!

Stranger Things The Game gameplay

The game is completely free, available now, and void of any micro-transactions (a rare treat for mobile titles). So get on it – download here on iOS and Android devices!