New Ultra Beasts, Antagonists and Story in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon

Posted on October 6, 2017

With just over a month to go before we jump back into the balmy tropics of Alola, The Pokémon Company have release yet another gameplay trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon.  It’s clear right from the get-go that Necrozma will feature heavily in this sequel, but what isn’t clear is why he’s taken on such a hostile role. Does the Ultra Recon Squad, have anything to do with his bizarre behaviour and what role do they have to play in this new story?  Watch the new trailer and learn more about the Ultra Beast down below.

In this most recent trailer we shown more of the unfolding story surrounding Ultra Beasts and their origins, and will travel to place known as Ultra Megalopolis (try saying that three time in rapid succession), a world where “Necrozma has stolen the light”, it’s futuristic vibe is strong contrast to Alola’s Island serenity. Players will also be able to travel through the ‘Ultra Wormhole’ and take on the Ultra Beasts on their own turf, but that may in fact favour the beasts and not the trainers.

As far as new Pokémon go, there hasn’t been a whole lot of announcements surround either new Alolan forms, or new Alola region Pokémon, but we do final have a name for three newly announced Ultra Beasts. Say hello to UB Adhesive a pure Poison type, UB Assembly a dual Rock/Steel type, and UB Burst a Fire/Ghost type Pokémon. UB Burst is probably the wackiest Ultra Beast creation so far and it’s unique attack ‘Mind Blown’, which uses its own head as a grenade, is certainly odd. I quite like the look of UB Assembly, which is actually several small creatures assembled into one monolithic looking tower. As for UB Adhesive, it’s too cute for words, I can’t wait to catch it and make it mine.

Lastly, we are introduced to a new organisation known as the Ultra Recon Squad, who take on different forms in either Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Their role within the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, while not entirely clear, appears to be that of an antagonistic nature. The trailer shows them inhabiting Ultra Megalopolis, challenging players to a Pokémon battle and actually possessing one of the recently announced Ultra Beasts; UB Adhesive. For now it seems, their role will remain a mystery, but clock to release counts down, more details will hopefully be announced.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are set for a worldwide release of November 17 and will be playable on the Nintendo 3DS, and it’s many iterations (New 3DS, 2DS, etc). Here’s hoping that the new game will contain more new Pokémon to capture, additional lands to explore, and a fun story that keeps us entertained all the way to League and after.