Warframe’s massive open world update is arriving very soon

Posted on October 7, 2017

An update is heading to Warframe that is set to expand the game in a fairly sizeable way.  Plains of Eidolon has been a hotly anticipated expansion for the sci-fi shooter that will bring with it a vast open world zone for players to fight and explore within.

“In Plains of Eidolon you will set foot in a Landscape larger than anything you’ve seen in Warframe — and you’re free to explore it on your own terms. Explore, discover, fight, and fly in ways you never have before.”

The expansion is set to bring about a beautiful open-world landscape full of threats for you to face. The Grineer have taken over the area with outposts and drilling stations, looking to excavate technology from The Old War. As night looms over the land, towering Spectral Sentients emerge from the waters, protected by deadly Sentient drones. Taking you exploration by land or by air, there looks to be a lot of freedom on offer in this latest expansion.

Having been described frequently as a free-to-play Destiny, Warframe is clearly eager to ensure it’s bringing A-grade content to its player-base. What is particularly exciting about this huge update is that it is coming much sooner than we previously expected. Plains of Eidolon is set to be releasing this week on the PC with an expected November release date for the console versions.

To find out more, visit the game’s website.