Australian Army to come to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Posted on November 30, 2017

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is going down under… or rather, down under is going to it.  The popular multiplayer tactical FPS  has just added a ‘Bushranger’ update, that includes a tonne of new Australian related material.

The patch also included general bug fixes, 3D positional VOIP and quality of life improvements.

Rising storm 2 Australian army promo art

This update will include:

6 New Weapons-

  • The L1A1 Battle Rifle (Australian)
  • Owens SMG (Australian)
  • F1 SMG (Australian)
  • Browning Hi Power Pistol (Australian)
  • L2A1 LMG (Australian)
  • XM177E1 Carbine (American)

3 New maps:

  •  Te-Run Sac
  • SU- Operations Forrest
  • Te-Long Tan

All this is included as well as 1 New Helicopter called The Bushranger Huey Gunship, and 1 New Commander Ability known as the Canberra Bomber. Included are new Australian themed cosmetic items you can earn in game.

Rising storm 2 release image

The DLC is completely free, but if players feel like purchasing the  Digital Deluxe Edition they can grab these items as well:

Rising Storm 2 DLC guide

All of which except 1 can be earned in game.

Rising Storm 2 is Half-price on Steam until December 1st.

Watch the trailer for Rising Storm 2’s latest DLC below:

Authors Note: Warning, this trailer does feature didgeridoo music while featuring no prominent Aboriginal Australians.