Digital gift giving has hit the Xbox Store in time for Christmas

Posted on November 17, 2017

Throw out those physical games you bought for Christmas, Xbox gift giving is going digital!

Now launched, gamers on Xbox One , Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions can gift digital games and downloadable content.

Xbox one digital gifting

You will now be able  to purchase games on the Microsoft store and gift it to friends and family via Gamertag or email address.  If you’re on a computer though, you’re going to have to know your friend’s email address.

Straight away it will send an email to the gift recipient, containing a code for the game. It’ll also send through a system message from Xbox Live with a “one-click”  code redemption button to make it quick and easy.

xbox digital gifting

It does come with a few restrictions. The games are region locked, meaning you can only gift to someone in the same country/region as you.

Currently, you can’t gift-

  • 360 backwards compatible games
  • Xbox Original games
  • Pre-orders
  • “Free” products
  • Virtual currency
  • PC games (except for a few XPA titles)
  • PC apps
  • Movies
  • TV
  • eBooks

When purchasing gifts that are on discount there are a couple of limitations. You can buy 2 gifts maximum of a particular game at discount and can buy 10 gifts (different games) total at discount. You’ll then need to wait 14 days to buy any of those items as gifts again. There are no limits on gift purchases when a product is full price so if you’re inclined to buy 20 friends a game, go for it.

For the full list of information and detailed changes, head over to the Offical Page.