The line between game and movie blurred with Erica

Posted on November 2, 2017

Erica is something of a surprise announcement for the PS4 since we’re sure you’ve noticed it’s unlike any game Sony has released.

A live-action trailer that, at first appeared strikingly realistic, but upon closer inspection it became quite apparent the footage seen actually is real life. Erica will follow to tale of a mysterious young woman searching for answers. The story will play out like a television drama show, with one key difference – the players will determine her actions in game.

Now while choice-based games are certainly not unfamiliar as a mechanic; games like Until Dawn, Infamous, and Fable all having a strong impacts on how we choose to progress in the game, this is the first game I’ve seen that only prompts choices, and nothing else. It’s hard to tell how Erica will fair as a game since it’s meant to feel much more like an interactive movie, so there’s a chance players will actually feel more removed from the game than drawn in. Jack Attridge, the creator of this intriguing game had this to say on the game after the trailer released at the Paris Game Week –

“We’ve spent years crafting our first title, and now I’m thrilled to work with the team at PlayStation to unveil Erica. Erica is an interactive live-action drama, with no 3D graphics at all. That means you are interacting with a film that has no visible interruptions so it feels utterly cinematic. It has the pace, flow, and production value of a Hollywood movie. The difference in Erica is that you are an active participant, guiding the namesake protagonist in her journey.”

As far as unique takes on video games go, I’d certainly say Erica is taking a bold step into uncharted territory. I just wonder if the payoff will be worth the risk; only time and a release date, which we unfortunately do not have presently, will tell. Erica will be available on the PS4 for PlayLink, which allows gamers to use their phone as the controller. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.