Hand of Fate 2 deals on Xbox One soon

Posted on November 29, 2017

After a successful launch on PS4 and PC earlier this month, Hand of Fate 2 will be released on Xbox One on December 1st, complete with 4K support.

Game of the Year award receivers Defiant Development posted the news on their Twitter this morning with the below image.

Hand of Fate 2 Xbox

A well made sequel that was created by the talented Australian team, the Xbox One version was pushed back for just a few weeks while they dealt with some unexpected delays.

In our review of Hand of Fate 2, we said:¬† “An Australian developer creating a game of an exceptionally high quality is always something to celebrate. The original¬† will go down as one of my all time favourite Australian games ever developed and Hand of Fate 2 looked ready to raise that bar ever higher. Those who have not played either of the Hand of Fate games should pick this up, if only to experience the incredibly unique design and absolutely phenomenal atmosphere and narration.”

Will you be going face to face with the dealer on Xbox One?