Harry Potter is the next Pokémon GO

Posted on November 9, 2017

Pokémon GO developer Niantic are working on a new game from another very popular franchise – Harry Potter.

An augmented reality game that we know very little about at this stage has been announced for release sometime in 2018, titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The game will be co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive. For those unaware, the very popular Pokémon GO and also Ingress from the same developer allows players to roam the real world completing missions such as trying to catch Pokémon, collecting power-ups, defending locations against other players and more.

Harry Potter

There’s no doubting the ridiculous success of Pokémon GO, which has gone through a large number of changes and was still reaching a whopping 65 million monthly users just a few months ago after it launched in July 2016.

While we wait for more information, all that’s left is to theorize about what a Harry Potter AR game could possibly be about. Will you be finding other Wizards in the world to team up with and fight enemies? What sort of spells will you be able to cast from the palm of your hand? Will Quidditch be involved somehow?

Hopefully we’ll know more soon.