A Hat in Time bounces onto consoles in December

Posted November 28, 2017

The super adorable and super fun platformer, A Hat in Time, is making its way onto consoles after launching on PC at the beginning of October.

Developer Gears for Breakfast made the announcement with a new accolades trailer showing off the positive attention the game has received since launch. The trailer can be viewed below.

December 6th if the official release date for both PS4 and Xbox One for A Hat in Time and this looks like it may be a very solid game to pick up and play.

The game is strikingly reminiscent of 3D platformers of old, with a particularly close resemblance to one of my old favourites, Psychonauts. With an art style that is adorably fun and accolades pouring out the wazoo, A Hat in Time may just be that perfect game to grab during the holiday period.

For those who may want to play the game portably, the devs have shown an interest in a Switch version although the latest details¬†on a Switch port didn’t instil me with too much confidence.

A Hat in Time gameplay

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