Live your best queer life and join Broadway: 1849

Posted on November 24, 2017

Broadway: 1849  by Robert Davis has been released, and it’s huge.  Coming in at  150, 000 words, it’s roughly the size and depth of a full novel and is played in the style of a text-based adventure game.

In the style of 1980’s choose-your-own-adventure books, players will play through a myriad of different story lines.  You’ll be running a theatre in 19th century New York, competing for top spots and fighting to stay in business. How you do it is up to you.

What is particularly exciting about this title is that it also includes some really neat diversity options, allowing you to play an asexual character for starters, something you’d rarely ever see in gaming.

Broadway: 1849 screenshot
Players will be able to choose male, female and non-binary as their gender choices. They’ll also be able to customise their sexuality with the options of gay, straight, bisexual and asexual.

Considering the time period of the game, it would be interesting to see if choosing a non straight character will have a big impact on a player’s interactions and journey. Regardless, it’s really nice to see these kinds of options available there!

Broadway: 1849 screenshot

If you’re not entirely sold, you can play the first 3 chapters for free as a try before you buy.

You can read more and buy it on the Offical Website. The game is 25% off till November 29th.

Broadway: 1849 banner