Microprose founder goes all or nothing on latest project, literally

Posted on November 20, 2017


The project has been cancelled on Kickstarter. The reason why hasn’t yet been revealed. Stay tuned for any more updates.

Original Story:

Legends of Enchantment is the latest project from Microprose founder Stewart Bell. Envisioned to mix the best elements of action adventure and fantasy RPG, the campaign has been launched on Kickstarter with the lofty goal of $174693 AUD. The campaign ends on December 18th and it’s all or nothing. Should the game not meet its goal, it wont happen, simple as that.

Anyone that played a computer in the 90’s would remember that Microprose logo. Games such as Civilisation, F1 Grand Prix , F15 Strike Eagle and Railroad Tycoon being a few. Of course as with more than a few developers of the era, a saturated PC market and massive losses in the 90’s ended Microprose. So, whats the deal with Legends of Enchantment?

Legends of Enchantment is set in the English Cotswolds and takes its inspiration from classic fantasy. It is set in a world of magic, knights and dragons. Gameplay will feature co-op, PvP and a single player campaign. The developers promises many kingdoms and incredible landscapes to explore. Futhermore a range of characters and creatures to meet, some friends, some not.

The trailer available on the Kickstarter page here  does look just a little bit dicey at the moment if we are honest. But for a game very very early in development that is to be expected. An interesting point is that if the title does not meet it’s Kickstarter goal, then it will not be produced. I noticed that they are also planning on sending out their gifts (t-shirts and plushies) prior to the game being completed and released. Specifically they promise it soon after the campaign ends (if successful). I would have thought it would be prudent to finish the game first before they start spending on the gifts. But that’s just me.

Either way though, looks like an ambitious project and there is certainly a market for games of this genre although one could argue that there are already plenty available. Whether it will see the light of day and offer something new, only time will tell. But if you are keen to see this one make it through and succeed, all you gotta do is fund it.

I know I am interested in both whether it will meet its target firstly, then secondly if it makes it from there to completion. Stay tuned.