Microsoft to launch a game streaming service that won’t require a console

Posted on November 7, 2017

Executive vice president of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has announced that Microsoft intends to debut a game streaming service some time in the next three years during an interview with Bloomberg.

The interview was published just before the launch of the Xbox One X console but included more information about the future of the company and their intentions moving forward. Spencer expressed his desires to reinvigorate the Xbox brand, by making smart moves such as acquiring more game studios.

The biggest news comes from the announcement that some games will not even require a console:

“Microsoft will probably debut a streaming service that doesn’t require a console for some types of content in the next three years, Spencer said. A 2012 trial of such a service inside the company was too costly and never made it to the market, but Microsoft’s progress in Azure cloud services over the past few years is changing the economics and quality level .”

How this will work is anyone’s guess at the moment. Xbox already offers the Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that allows users access to over 100 downloadable titles. Perhaps this new streaming service will be closer to that of Sony’s Playstation Now.

With the project potentially being a few years away from release who knows just how this will work – or even what console generation we will be on by then.