Spider-Man swings into action at Paris Games Week

Posted on November 1, 2017

It’s everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man back to save the day and protect the citizens of New York. This time he’s up against a relatively new adversary who’s only graced the Marvel villain universe these past ten years – Mister Negative.

I honestly have not been this excited for a Spidey game in years, with me being such a huge fan of the web-slinger but also due to the past few game iterations being sub-standard. Not only are we treated to a look into the story surrounding the new game, but fantastic cut scenes and gameplay to boot. Are you ready to board the hype train, because I know I am!

The story will follow a young adult Peter Parker who has been the Spider-Man for eight years and has finally managed to take down one of his biggest (literally) foes, Kingpin. It seems as though Peter now struggles to determine if the city needs him anymore after ridding himself of Fisk.

However, as it is with most of the villains in the Marvel universe, when you take one down, another more powerful foe comes along to stake their claim and throw a spanner in the works. Apparently Mister Negative feels it’s high time he and his crew, the Inner Demons, take New York City as their own – but they won’t find it that easy to do.

The trailer shows off a nice combo of story combined with action sequences as well as game play snippets in which Spider-Man takes on the Inner Demons using both close range melee attacks and his webs for mid rand range attack. The trailer also hints at Spider-Man not being the only playable character in the game, with Mary-Jane looking to be playable in some capacity.

Personally, I am really pleased that MJ appears to play a more empowered role in the game, as she is quite the capable heroine in her own right, despite having nothing in the way of superpowers. As for Mister Negative, I’m keen to see how he fairs as a villain, since he is rather new and it doesn’t look as though the big bad will be a classic Spiderman villain.

Normally I try not to get too overexcited with any game based off comic superheroes, simply because nine times out of ten their adaptations are not up to scratch, however Spider-Man is the first in a long line of sub-par games that actually looks good. Of course I’m tyring my best not to over-sell it, to avoid building it up too much in my head, but for once I’m actually rather hopeful that a Marvel Spider-Man game will be just what we’ve been wanting for years.

Spider-Man is set for release exclusively on the PS4 and is aiming for Q1/Q2 2018 release window. More information on this as it arrives.