Star Wars: Battlefront II alters loot system amid player feedback

Posted on November 2, 2017

The highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront II has changed its controversial loot crate system amid player feedback from the recent open beta. It came as little surprise that players were annoyed and disappointed to see the ever increasing loot crate system pop up in Star Wars: Battlefront II, however the developers have taken on feedback and reacted to it quickly. Whilst the crates won’t disappear all together, publisher EA did make an announcement on the Star Wars: Battlefront II news page in regards to the issue and their willingness to listen to their community of players.

“We’ve listened to your feedback. The Beta gave us a welcome chance to test all of our systems in action and tune things up for better balance. A few weeks back, we mentioned we were going to take another look at how the progression system works. After incorporating feedback from the Beta, we’re happy to share our plans for launch:”

So how does this effect the game?

  • Epic Star Cards, the highest tier of Star Cards available at launch, have been removed from Crates
  • You’ll need to reach a certain rank to craft upgraded Star Cards
  • Weapons are locked behind specific milestones
  • Class-specific gear and items can be unlocked by playing


It’s nice to see EA working to refine the structure of the loot crate system and keep balance between players. However I’m still not sold on loot crate systems in full priced games past anything of cosmetic value.

EA have also stated that all upcoming weapons, maps, heroes, and vehicles introduced in Star Wars: Battlefront II as post-release content will be free so that players can play alongside friends as the world of Star Wars: Battlefront II continues to grow. EA have also said that this system, as well as all of the others, will be continually iterated on and improved, making sure they hold true to the promise they first announced back in June at EA Play to keep the community together. Either way I can’t wait to get out on the battle field to take down a hero or two… Roger Roger!