Starcraft II is going free-to-play

Posted on November 4, 2017

BlizzCon 2017 has been jam-packed with news, and one of those announcements was that StarCraft II would be going free-to-play… and soon!

On November 14th you’ll be able to download the “Wings of Liberty” campaign for free obtaining access to both the single and multiplayer. Players will have full access to the ranked ladder and receive free access to every co-op commander up to level 5. If you already have Wings of Liberty don’t worry because Blizzard have considered this as well to some degree; as compensation you’ll get a free copy of the game’s first expansion, “Heart of the Swarm”, however you’ll still need to buy “Legacy of the Void” and any extra co-op commanders or voice packs you might want.

Starcraft II

This follows on from earlier this year where Blizzard made the original StarCraft free to all players due to the release of StarCraft: Remastered, could a StarCraft II Remastered edition be on the way? One things for sure with the amount of announcements coming out of BlizzCon anything is possible!

Also announced was the addition of the new Co-op Commander: Han and Horner, you read that right, Blizzard are introducing a Commander with two characters. Get ready for trouble, and make it double, Matt Horner is the straightlaced and tactical Admiral of the Dominion Fleet, and his better half, Mira Han, commands her reckless and explosive mercenary forces.

Alongside all of this will be a new co-op mission called Part and Parcel, which was the winning submission of Blizzards Rock the Cabinet 2017 community map contest. In Part the Parcel you’ll collect parts to repair the secret weapon, the Balius, then fight alongside it against all new hybrid monstrosities. You can read all about this and the other changes to StarCraft II mentioned at BlizzCon 2017 here.