The Surge makes A Walk in the Park creepy AF

Posted on November 27, 2017

Action horror games and theme parks are a combination we’ve seen before, so it makes complete sense that The Surge would put their own mechanical robot zombie twist on things in the first major expansion DLC since the game launched, A Walk in the Park.

Where the original game specialized in claustrophobic but sort-of-samey environments, this expansion is said to be a “radically different setting from the rest of the complex, full of branching paths and secrets to discover” according to Focus Home Interactive.  Players will explore CREO World; an amusement park originally designed for the organisation and their families. Of course, the world has changed since then, and it’s now full of insane robotic mascots, roaming rescue teams and new bosses.

The Surge A Walk in the Park

The Surge expansion pack A Walk in the Park is available from December 5th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for $22.75 AUD. A ‘Complete Edition’ will also be released, including the full game, A Walk in the Park expansion and the rest of the game’s downloadable content to date.

In our review of The Surge, we said “There is a confidence in the design on display that wasn’t present in Deck 13’s last effort, with a more modern take and a clear visual identity that sets it apart from the crowd. It has moments of annoyance and the story is generic, but when it’s firing on all cylinders, it’s an incredibly engaging and addictive Action RPG that consistently made me want to come back for more.”

If fighting your way through a murderous corrupted theme park sounds like your idea of a good time, check out the trailer below.