The Last of Us 2 will feature a trans voice actor!

Posted on November 1, 2017

Fans of the Netflix series OA might have recognised a familiar face in the new The Last of Us 2 trailer.

screenshot of Ian Alexanders character from the last of us 2 trailer

Yes! Lev from the Last of Us 2 is played by Ian Alexander, a trans PoC actor! Ian has previously appeared in OA, as a trans actor playing a trans role.

It’s currently unconfirmed if Lev the character is also a trans male, but signs hopefully point to yes. Ian is a well known trans, queer and PoC activist, so presumedly this role is respectful. Ian himself seems excited about the upcoming game:

This is one, if not the first time any AAA game has introduced a trans character in their trailer, let alone acted by a trans person. Exciting leaps and bounds for trans representation in games. Hopefully Lev is handled well.

Ian Alexander photo

This year we’re starting to see trans characters represented in games.  Hopefully with more inclusion starting to occur, there will be more roles for trans actors and voice actors.  It’s massive to me, a trans man, to see that gaming, especially AAA gaming is starting to assume more of an accepting role.

Excited to see what comes out of this series and this talented actor.