ARMS next Party Clash event puts Ninjara and Min Min at centre stage!

Posted on December 9, 2017

Nintendo’s colourful and kinetic fighting game ARMS for Nintendo Switch has just announced Ninjara and Min Min as its featured fighters for the next Party Clash event, bringing all kinds of new fresh mayhem to ARMS.

So what is Party Clash all about? Well for those who are still unfamiliar with Party Clash, here are some key details. Party Clash is a time-limited online event that temporarily replaces the regular Party Match option in ARMS. Players from around the globe can join in to enjoy some fast-paced ARMS action, earning themselves points to raise their Lab Level in the process (a Party Crash-specific metric which measures a player’s progress during the event). At the end of the party, every player who took part in the event will gain in-game currency and badges depending on what Lab Level they reached. It’s a great chance to grab some nice rewards!

In addition each Party Crash will see two characters pitted against each other in a competition of sorts. If you play as one of these two characters, you earn extra points to help raise your Lab Level, and the badges you unlock at certain levels will be linked to the featured fighter you used more during the event. But what if your favourite character isn’t one of the featured fighters this time? Don’t worry, you’re always free to use any fighter you like! But who are this round’s featured fighters…? None other than Ninjara and Min Min.

‘The Student of Stealth’ – Ninjara is a fast and elusive fighter who likes to hit and not stick around long enough to get hit back. He’s currently training at Ninja College, and the ARMS Grand Prix doubles as his senior project. His ninjutsu techniques allow him to disappear into thin air and make fools of his opponents!

 ‘The Ramen Bomber’- Min Min hails from the famed Mintendo Noodle House and uses her spicy kicking techniques to knock down her opponents’ attacks. She’s got a fiery personality and a distinctive look, with her bowl-shaped knitted hat and noodles for arms. But don’t take her noodly appearance lightly – when charged up, her left arm can transform to unleash the power of a dragon!

So how can you get the very best out of Ninjara and Min Min in this Party Clash event to maximise your rewards? Well its simple,  get out there and start fighting! ARMS Party Clash event is running from the Friday 8th of December at 8:00pm AEDT until Monday 11th of December at 8:00pm AEDT. For more information on the current Party Clash event and any other helpful hints for playing Ninjara and Min Min, head on over to the Nintendo Switch ARMS page here, and let us know in the comments below how your own online battles in ARMS Party Clash event are going.