Experience a “Full Bodied” remake of the cult-classic Catherine

Posted on December 20, 2017

A remake of a cult classic is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (is the Vita still relevant?) and we here at Checkpoint couldn’t be happier! That’s right guys and girls, Atlus is working on Catherine: Full Body, a remake with additional content and a new Catherine for Vincent to court! Director of Persona 5, Katsura Hashino, will be in charge of the remake and will certainly prove to be a beneficial force for the game’s development.

Catherine: Full Body’s third Catherine will be nicknamed “Rin”, presumably to save confusion, who is a pianist at Vincent’s local bar the Stray Sheep. Her inclusion into the game will create new scenario events that intersect with the two other Catherines in Vincent’s sordid tale, along with new endings, cut scenes, and ‘racy events”. According to Gematsu, Rin has been described as “a healing existence that assists the nightmare-ridden Vincent and shows him new values. While her speech and conduct give off an aura of considerably lacking in common, she is a very straightforward and gentle character.”

On top of the updated story that Catherine: Full Body will include, Atlus and Studio Zero have included new difficulty levels. This will allow casual gamers the option to play through the game simply just for the story, as well as a mechanic to move multiple connected blocks. Players will also be able to switch between the original version and Full Body. In response to the online competitive community, online battles have also been added as an additional feature for Catherine: Full Body.

First released in 2011, Catherine became an instant cult classic and wasn’t just simply a good action/puzzle game; it possessed a refreshing and open approach to adult relationships and sex that still remains relevant to this day. No official release date has been announced for Catherine: Full Body, but rest assured as more information comes out we here at Checkpoint will be there to keep you up to date.