GameChops releases Pokémon remix album “Ultraball”

Posted on December 19, 2017

As a firm believer that there is never enough nerd music out there, I’m stoked to say that GameChops has announced the release of their album Ultraball full of remixed poké-approved tunes to add to your playlists! While it’s certainly no “2.B.A. Master” album, it’s as close as we can all get to more official Pokémon music goodness, and will have you doing the pika-slide regardless!

“Ultraball is a dance music album of fifteen licensed Pokémon remixes. The music varies from cutting-edge EDM to classic electronica, each track recreating a tune from the video games as a piece of dance music. Ultraball includes brand new tracks from an international cast of electronic musicians, alongside exclusive remasters.” Says GameChops Dj CUTMAN

The styles on the album range from Future Bass, Chiptune EDM and even an unapologetic Trap remix of  the cult classic Pokémon Trading Card Game, so there is bound to be one track you absolutely fall in love with. For me, that one is easily the Lavender Town remix (Yesss bring me those spooky tunes!). After listening to the album several times already, I can say confidently that Ultraball is a great addition to those late night workouts, for that perfect geeky party or even added to your Pokémon GO playlists!

So, what are you waiting for? Go feed your ears with some sweet sweet music! Ultraball is available digitally here, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Bandcamp.