Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gets PvP mode

Posted on December 8, 2017

Ubisoft have announced a new local 2 player PvP mode will be available via an update on December 8th for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The new “Versus Mode” will be completely free for everyone to who already owns a copy of the game and is focused on PvP allowing you to play Mario + Rabbids locally against your friends using a single Joy-Con each (pro controllers also supported).

Completely separate from the main game, it features separate character builds and brand new rules for team selection. It also features a restructured attack and movement system and introduces a ticket-based system in which your team works as a collective and can only move, attack, or use an ability three times in a single turn. As you begin to play, you’ll notice that the maps are set out differently. Unlike in the main game where items are stagnant, bonus items will appear on the battlefield, supplying you with much needed actions and perks to take down your frenemies. You’ll also be able to customise your battles with settings such as a timer or turn limiter and allowing you to remove items from play all together.

This isn’t the first DLC Mario + Rabbids has received but it’s definitely the most exciting. I’m extremely keen to start battling against my friends, but I have to say I’m still rather disappointed to see that there is no online support for this game. A PvP battle with my friends online would be great fun and being an RTS there’s simply no reason why this couldn’t be supported. All in all though this is still a great move forward for Mario + Rabbids and shows just how enjoyable this game is.