Metro Exodus picks up where Last Light left off

Posted on December 9, 2017

There has been very little information concerning Metro Exodus since its game play footage debut at E3.

Thankfully the wait for new content has been satiated with a gorgeous new trailer. Following Artyom, protagonist from the previous Metro instalments, he explores the desolate snow covered city of Moscow in search for signs of life.

The trailer shows off several sweeping shots of Moscow, covered in heavy snow and bearing tell-tale signs that it was once a city full of people. This being the fact, however, doesn’t stop Artyom looking for signs contrary to the opinions of Anna who whose monologue plays throughout the trailer.

Unable to accept the fact that he and his wife Anna may be two of the only few left in Russia, after the nuclear fallout, he continues his search for other survivors.

However Artyom isn’t alone, his exploration of the outside world leads him to come across a pack mutated monsters hunting for food. After avoiding detection he explores more of the city before eventually making the move to leave Moscow, as the game’s title Metro Exodus would suggest. Obviously leaving won’t be an easy task, but it’s what comes after leaving Moscow that will be featured in Exodus.

According to John Bloch, game producer of Metro Exodus, this will be the most ambitious Metro game the studio has ever worked on. Bloch also confirmed that Metro Exodus will begin in Moscow, following directly on from Metro: Last Light’s ending, and players will assume the role of Artyom again. The time in Moscow will be limited however as they explore new lands and learn how to cope with the varying weather patterns, which will change depending on the season.

Metro Exodus will also grant players more opportunity to explore the world within the game, but still provide an overarching narrative that tells a unique story. Metro Exodus is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, in 2018 with no specific date mentioned as of yet.