New Death Stranding trailer revealed at The Game Awards

Posted on December 8, 2017

Dear Koijma. Are you okay? What is this? I love it, thank you, but what is it? – My thoughts watching the new Death Stranding trailer.

In yet another bizarre, and incredibly captivating trailer, Kojima Productions is teasing all game fans at The Games Awards, for a second year in a row. No, there’s no release date. No, there’s no gameplay. Yes, it’s fantastic. Yes, it’s as gorgeous as the last time. And yes, the crabs are back.

Every trailer starts with a title screen like this and no one knows why yet. It’s caused countless theory videos, features and conspiracies that the internet is gonna be ablaze with new ones in a matter of minutes.

There’s so much to focus on in this 8 minute video, and of course, nothing is answered. A man who starts to age instantly while trapped and dying. The big bang speech from Reedus. Tall, slender shadow beings that make everything float upside down. Babies in tubes again. A baby sucking his thumb in Norman Reedus’ stomach.

Sensing a baby theme. He gives you a thumbs up though!

This guy as well-

That’s not even the half of it.

Norman Reedus has a cry as well. I did too. Give me a release date please.

Nearly 2 years since it was announced, 3 cutscenes, no gameplay and still, the whole world is excited for Death Stranding.

Check out the trailer for yourself and tell us your theories about what’s going on.