Overwatch brings the Winter Wonderland back for Round 2

Posted on December 13, 2017

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas in the world of Overwatch. The massively successful hero based shooter has dropped the latest in its events that have become a staple in the community and leave fans frothing at the mouth for exclusive maps, modes, skins, emotes, sprays and voice lines. Last year saw the first iteration of Winter Wonderland that brought with it Mei’s Snowball Fight. While that and all of last years exclusives are returning there are plenty of new things to sink your time into as well.

Joining Mei’s Snowball Fight in the Arcade this season we get the isometric Yeti Hunt. Yeti hunt takes five Meis, one of the most salt inducing characters in Overwatch, and has them hunt the abominable Yeti — also known as Winston. In a reskinned Nepal map Winston will hunt for meat to power up while avoiding the Mei hunters who are out for blood. To win Winston either needs to kill the Mei’s five times or the Mei’s need to take down their mark just once.

But it’s those rare Legendary Skins that gets tongues wagging for Overwatch fans — and boy oh boy do they deliver this season. Starting with one of the most requested skins from out of game media, Hanzo goes casual in his outfit from last year’s Christmas comic. Sporting a bridge piercing, a great jacket and an amazing undercut that I think I might steal. Others include a Frost Pixie Sombra, Owl Vigilante Ana, Rubber Walrus Roadhog and more. Another show stopper though is the nod to those of us down under when Junkrat brought an Australian Christmas getup with board shorts and sunscreen.

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The event will run through to January 1st for you to unlock all the new content, old content has also returned at a discount price for any who missed last year. Overwatch has done a great job in keeping the content coming and these kinds of updates are a ket part of that. We just had Moira release and now this as well as a new hero close to completion shows why Overwatch Won the award for Best Ongoing Game at this years Game Awards. Check out the new release trailer below and we’ll see you soon in the Winter Wonderland.