Sea of Thieves swashbuckles into a release date

Posted on December 8, 2017

Sea of Thieves finally has a firm release date on the Xbox One, and it’s arriving in the first quarter of 2018… just! You can expect to play the final version on March 20th 2018.

After initially being revealed by Xbox back at E3 2015, Sea of Thieves has become one of the most hotly anticipated titles, with its open world online pirate adventure game gaining a lot of interest through its ongoing Alpha program, which recently closed.

Sea of Thieves

This confirms what we spoke with Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate told us at PAX Aus 2017: that the game would indeed be launching on the early side of 2018. Still, with such an ambitious title, I’m happy that we can confirm the title is a mere few months away from being in our hot little hands.

Check out the new trailer below and get your pirate crew ready for March 20.